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April 10, 2013

Ways To Treat Sciatica

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Ways To Treat Sciatica

Sciatica takes place because of pressure at the base of the spine. The pressure causes pain in the gluetal area of the body and in the lower back. The pain passes to knee, thighs, calf and ankle. The actual sciatica begins when the pain is felt to the ankles and knees. Basically, sciatica is the pain that runs through the sciatic nerve in the body which is longest nerve of the body. The nerve begins from the spinal cord to the hips and run towards the leg. So, pain runs with this nerve and the parts of the body it links. Sciatica may not be an issue by itself. Sciatica may have some other reasons that are linked to sciatic nerve such as herniated disk.

Sciatica can restrict the regular activities and movement very much. The pain may last for different durations due to some reasons and it may be reduced in 4 to 8 weeks. Still there is no need to give up. As there are several sciatica treatment in the form of conventional and home remedies that can support in treating, and controlling sciatica and it also prevent the pain.

Bed Rest

Generally doctors advice bed rest which is quite common treatment for sciatica. It supports in easing the pain. Still taking bed rest is not a complete solution of this problem. Participating in the physical activities along with rest is important as it keeps the person energetic without increasing pain.


When pain is reduced doctors recommends for physiotherapy and exercise to prevent the problem so it doesn’t appear again. The main purpose of these sciatica exercises is to make posture correct, improve movement as well as to make the muscles (lower back) strong. Find more information about sciatica exercises here.


Pain can be prevented with anti inflammatory, non steroidal medicines along with medicines that loose up the muscles. For preventing pain Tricyclic antidepressants and Anticonvulsant drugs are also prescribed. These medicines put efforts in two ways by production of endorphins which naturally minimize the pain and it stops the vibration from reaching the brain.

Steroid Based Treatment

For preventing inflammation in the affected part, doctors at times suggest corticosteroid steroid injections or epidural.


Sufferers can also get relief as a result of surgery. Usually surgery need to be done when pain is not reduced even after using drugs, bed rest or by other types of methods and the nerve compression develops other issues such as severe weakness and uncontrolled bladder.

Alternative Sciatica Treatment

There are several alternative treatments available for sciatica such as biofeedback therapy, yoga, acupressure and acupuncture. All these treatments are also quite effective in healing the sciatica issue.

Home Remedies for Sciatica Treatment

Many home remedies are available for sciatica treatment few of them work effectively in healing the sciatica pain within short period of time. Ice treatment is one of the examples which work effectively in preventing sciatica pain if it is applied within 48 hours i.e. from the time the pain began. Mobility is also great method in preventing the pain. Exercises which stretch piriformis muscles also support in managing sciatica pain. Pain can also be prevented by maintaining balance of pelvis area. One can do this by lying down on the bed for checking the balance whether it is correctly divided on both sides or not.

All these sciatica methods can support in preventing pain and for healing it.

June 21, 2013

Type of Sciatica Exercises That Can Get Rid Of Sciatica

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Sciatica Exercises

Sciatica exercises are quite helpful for back pain and it can relieve the pain caused by sciatic nerve. Some other conditions can also cause this pain, when you search for any exercise that can alleviate your pain, simply find the appropriate way to carry it out and avoid such exercises that can be harmful for you.


Modify Your Current Exercises

People who regularly work out may suffer from sciatica pain. This happens due to the wrong selection of exercises. For example, if you do a side kick or side lunge, this can cause spinal misalignment. As a result of this no matter it is for short duration, compression or rubbing is caused on the sciatic nerve and this further give rise to pain for several days.

Mostly, you can simply modify the current workout in order to do friendly back pain exercises and this is possible by bringing slight changes to the ones that cause misalignment. When opting for side kicks, opt for kicking to the back or front for keeping the workout for legs and the undue pain can be avoided.

Stretching and More Stretching

Stick with a workout routine but stretching of the leg and back muscles should be included too. All these are associated with each other as tight hamstrings can affect the back. Sciatica exercises mostly include strategic stretches of the back, which is considered good, because stretching is required for some injuries like herniated disc.

Natural spine is something that the best sciatica exercises are designed for and the person has to stretch both sides of the back muscles, as a result of which pulling of one side or the other can be prevented. Muscle balance therapy can also be considered, which can be done at home, its purpose is to stretch and strengthen the back muscles as well as correct the alignment of body.

Muscle Balance Therapy

In this therapy exercises include building strength, but not in the arms. Then best exercises that one can consider are the ones that can be helpful to keep the back and core strong as well as balanced. One function of muscle balance therapy is to keep the body well aligned and it is also helpful in avoiding any overcompensation by the stronger muscles that pulls against the weaker muscles. Right type of back pain exercises can make your physically fit, strong as well as it can reduce pain.

There are some specific exercises for sciatic pain, but the best exercises are actually the ones that are helpful in gaining a strong which is free from pain forever.

November 12, 2010

Detoxing The Liver

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The human liver plays a significant part in our bodies. The liver exists to perform many vital functions including: storing nutrients, metabolizing glucose, balancing cholesterol, and the overall metabolic process. Even though the liver is so vitally important the majority of individuals ignore this fact, and do many things to hurt their livers. Without the liver the human body would be a walking cess pool. It filters out the majority of impurities, and keep you healthy on a daily basis. Knowing this, one should take into consideration there are some simple steps that he or she can take to improve their overall liver health. This process is known as a liver detox and its a trend that is growing rapidly worldwide.

More and more artificial preservatives and sweeteners are being put on the market daily which are detrimental to the populations liver health. These build up over time and create a toxic wall on the consumers liver. Aside from these harmful substances individuals take in a wide array of things such as: parasites, drugs, liquor, toxins, germs, and many more things harmful to liver health. This is why a liver detox is essential to ones mind,body, and spirit.

There are several forms of liver detox, but the main one we will focus on today is a liver detox diet. A liver detox diet is one of the oldest methods in the book of cleansing ones liver. During this diet it is essential to refrain from the following substances as much as possible: coffee,saturated fats, processed foods, sugar filled foods, and junk food.

Drinking plenty of water is extremely important during a liver detox diet. Some lukewarm lemon water is also a great step to slowly but surely cleanse the individuals liver. There are five super-foods which can help tremendously in cleansing the liver while on the liver detox diet. These are: pumpkins and sesame seeds, sunflower feeds, flaxseeds, leafy dark green vegetables, and onions and berries.

There are also many pre-formed herbal supplements you can buy at your local health food store which aid in the liver detox. These include but are not limited to: Angelica Root, Chamomile, Horsetail, Yellow Dock,Dandelion,Black Cohosh, Goldenrod, Red Beet Root, Birch Leaves, Parsley, and Blessed Thistles. These herbs support gastrointestinal health by promoting liver cell growth and protection at the same time. Take a trip to your local health food store and ask them about herbal medications that aid in a liver detox diet. They will be able to point you in the right direction, and you will be taking a positive step towards a healthy liver.

During the liver detox diet you will want to consume as much water, fruits, and vegetables as possible. At the same time it is a good idea to limit your protein intake. However, one should not continue this form of detoxification for too long as it can be very detrimental to other vital organs. Hopefully this article has informed you well on the steps needed to undergo a proper liver detox. Having a healthy liver attributes to your overall health, and in no time you will be able to feel the difference!

September 20, 2010

Natural Ways To Detox The Body

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Before starting a detox program, you still have to undergo some process and few tests to examine your body health. First, you have to evaluate the health history of your family before examining your own physical health. Then include some important test like biochemistry test, mineral level test, dietary analysis as well as other tests of this sort to be able to gather your real health condition. This will be helpful for you to determine the steps that you are going to take for a total cleansing.

Always remember that by undergoing through these procedures will help you identify if you are living a healthy lifestyle and it will be a good guide in designing a body detox program that is right for you. It is always appropriate to plan first before starting up a healing procedure to attain favourable results.

1.    Good Diet. Diet is not about starving yourself to achieve a slimmer body, but eating the right kinds of food rich with nutrients like proteins for the growth and repair of your muscles, bones, skin and other important tissues in your body. Meanwhile, by thoroughly cleaning your body even with just a short period of time will result to the elimination of other remains and will prepare your body for forming a healthier foundation. If your tummy feels congested due to overeating, stress or because of travelling, you have to drink juices or take in light meals for a few days and it will result to a better feeling. Vegetarian meals add proteins to your body so you could eat vegetarian foods combined with fresh fish along with a great deal of vegetables to energize your body.

2.    Natural Herbs. One important organ in the body that’s prone to substantial build up of toxins is the colon. The colon is capable to contain too much toxin which will make the organ dysfunctional and slow-moving. Detox program is designed to solve these problems. You have to consider taking in fiber supplements detox diet to be able to help you solve this issue because it will cleanse and tone your colon. You can also use psyllium seed husk on it’s own or mixed with components such as acidophilus culture, betonite clay and aloe vera powder.  Coffee and also herbal enemas are great ways to detoxify your liver, yet another vital organ in the body.

3.    Habitual Exercise. The body is engineered to cure itself naturally, to get rid of toxins and to keep it running smoothly. Exercise helps your body hasten its detoxification process. It allows your blood circulation to perform properly by bringing nutrients to all the organs and muscles. Aerobic exercise gets the body moving all the way and helps in detoxification process. On the other hand, you must combine exercise with constant in-takes of antioxidants, sufficient fluids, vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy.

4.    Regular Bathing. You have to keep your proper hygiene and to always keep your body clean to eliminate the toxins present in your skin. Sweating and saunas are the best way to purify your body and cleanse yourself from inside out via your skin.

5.    Massage Therapy. It is quite helpful in the detoxification process. It will improve the circulation of blood and lymph fluids of the body and it will relieve yourself from stress, tension, worries and it will also help in the regulation of your blood pressure.

6.    Recharge, Relax and Rest. One of the useful procedures in detoxification process. It helps you revitalize yourself from the stressful nature of the things around you. Everyone needs to recharge, relax and rest to revitalize your inner self. Take time to breathe. It will help your body gain its natural balance and will make your mind free from stress. By practicing yoga, it will promote self-healing and the attainment of perfect equilibrium and harmony.

These are the procedures that will help you get rid of the wastes inside your body. Just follow the steps and it will make you become healthier and much better looking.

July 26, 2010

Types of Detox Diets

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Many types of detoxification foods are available. To provide you an idea about it, let us discuss about few of them to give you some choices to pick.

First we have the “Master Cleanse” detoxification diet which is a mixture of cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice added to water. It is considered a gentler diet as maple syrup is easily absorbed and helps to regulate the removal of harmful toxins stored in fat and it thus converts them to energy slowly.

Second type of a Liquid Detoxification Diet program is “Juice Fast”. This comes from vegetables, fruits or a combination of both. It is similar to master cleanse detox food but you will get more benefits such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are well known to aid the healing process of your body. More importantly, the body will be able to digest the juices directly even without producing the digestive enzymes.

Third we have is “Mono Fruit Detox” food program. The word mono already tells you that this type of diet only consists of eating a particular type of fruit. A nice thing is that this diet can be continued for a long time as the fruit gives the body organic water which allows the body’s cells to cleanse themselves. Once inside, the fruit can easily take out with it toxic and harmful waste matter.

Having only one fruit diet has another benefit. This makes your body pH is more stable and this ensures that the sugar levels are less volatile in your bloodstream.

Next, is the Raw Food Detox food. In this diet, you eat raw food that helps to prevent loss of minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients caused by washing or cooking. The body also gets digestive enzymes which aid in the metabolic activity and also strengthens the immune system. Eating raw foods support good potassium-to-sodium ratios which optimize the cell functioning and also maintains pH balance to attain the overall target of a detoxification diet.

Most of us cannot eat raw foods 3 meals per day. The alternative can be Hallelujah diet which allows you to take in 85% of raw foods and the rest 15% of cooked foods. The pitfall is that this cooked portion must only be consumed at the end of your evening diet. You will also need to skip your breakfast and eat barley grass drinks or fresh vegetable juices.

To skip breakfast will take time if have been used to it. The transition can be done by replacing your eggs and bacon with fresh fruit salad, almond milk, whole grain raw granola and sprouted grain toast with some almond butter.

You can also have the diuretic diet plan. This detox diet will help the body to release fluid but will not lessen your body fat. This can be got from some herbs and some vegetables like artichoke, asparagus, celery seed, juniper berries, dandelion, melon, watercress and parsley. This can be availed in food supplements also and you can find it even in beverages like coke, tea and coffee.

These are some of the detoxification diets available to cleanse your system. If you do not want to go into those mentioned, you can research and find alternatives. Always remember to talk to your doctor before you are certain that this diet is safe for your physical health.

June 20, 2010

Herbal Cleanse

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Many people know that many steps are needed to be completed before one can carry out a complete body detoxification. However, this fact is false and there is another way to complete a body detoxification through the herbal technique. Truly, there are a lot of people who want a full body detoxification but they want the most efficient and quickest way in doing so. Aside from herbs in your diet, you can also include fruits and green vegetables so that you can eat healthy during the detoxification process. A person needs to know what herbal detoxification is. One has to know that herbal detoxification assists the body in removing toxins in the body. It will not really focus on cleaning out the colon and liver but it can also wash out the kidneys.

Herbal detoxification is done by a whole lot of people every month. But many people also combine it with other detoxification methods that they like. Once you have recognized the perks of herbal detoxification, they can already make a list of the diet they will eat during the process. But first, you have to plan how long your body detoxification last. Most people plan two to three days of stay on the diet but it is important to complete one whole day or a twenty four hour period. This has to be done because your body will benefit from the food that you eat during the first day and the 2d twenty four hours is not important. Doing a herbal detoxification for one whole day is the quickest way to have the procedure over.

In order to do a herbal detoxification program, there are a lot of different ways. A general health food shop such as GNC may help you sell your detoxification techniques which include all the needed components during the twenty-four hour period. But you can always buy the right elements for a normal and localized food market. The ingredients that you have to look for are various kinds of herbs such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon, flax seed, garlic, parsley, and primrose oil. These ingredients can be combined with other foods you eat during the full body detoxification. Juices, pure and raw soups and vegetables can also be added in the diet. Combining all of these ingredients together will provide the greatest benefits. For example, juices and veggie soups can be combined with herbs like cayenne pepper and garlic. Doing this can do your body justice and give you the largest advantages you need.

You can only be done with the body detoxification when you have finished the whole twenty four hour period that includes food digestion and drinking of lots of water. This process can be completed twice a month for once a month can already be enough. Most people select a weekend to fulfill the process so they will not miss a day from work. This is important because herbal detoxification can truly help your body cleanse completely in the long term when done regularly.

June 11, 2010

Weight Loss with the Master Cleanse Detox Diet

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Loosing weight must be the most talked about topic among every woman on this planet.  Every woman wants to look like a movie star and keep her figure slim and trim for as long as she could. But not only are many woman concerned about their weight, more and more men are becoming increasingly more conscious of the way they look and their health.

The Master Cleanse or lemonade detox as been tried and tested by many of the stars with very positive results.  When singer/actor Beyonce got the role as Deena Jones in Dreamgirls, she had to loose 20 pounds and did it in 10 days on the lemonade diet.  Although it’s an extreme sounding detox, it’s really not as difficult as it sounds. It’s not a complete fast, but works in mainly the same way, as mostly water is consumed.

The recipe for the lemonade consists of mainly water, cayenne pepper, freshly squeezed lemon juice and maple syrup.  Besides the benefits of weight loss during this detox, other benefits include a colon cleanse and the removal of other toxins from the body. During this fast, your liver gets the chance to return to its normal function of keeping the body clean without the added toxins we consume on a daily basis.  Many people have combined the lemonade diet with a saltwater flush but with many complaints and disappointment. The saltwater flush helps to balance the body and rinse out toxins but the taste is intolerable.  On the other hand, the lemonade mix is often too sweet and causes nausea for many people.

The inventor of the lemonade and saltwater flush diets, Stanley Burrough has made many people happy who have tried his diet. But diets like the Master Cleanse could be detrimental to your health and in some events, cause death. Salt is responsible for regulating the fluid balance of the body.  Too much salt can increase your blood pressure and put your heart at risk. It can cause your kidneys to be unable to eliminate the salt intake fast enough and lead to water retention and water build up around your heart. Because salt it known to hold water back in your body, not taking any salt for a period of time, could release the water and relieve bloatedness and help to loose weight. Salt should be used sparingly and with care, especially if you are already suffering from heart related or blood pressure related diseases.

It is advisable to read up as much as possible about the lemonade diet before embarking on a sudden and extreme weight loss mission. Make sure you know the facts and rather stick the to lemonade detox part without the saltwater flush. Salt water flushes are often used in hospitals during a colon cleanse and under the direction and supervision of medical staff.

Followers of Stanley Burrough lemonade diet have in many ways improved the diet over the years and made it safer. Some have opted to replace the maple syrup with natural sweetener or drinking the cayenne pepper separately to make better tasting lemonade.  Whatever you decide to do, make sure you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it and avoid doing anything in extreme.

March 2, 2010

Low Back Pain Exercises

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Our muscles are the major defense of the spine in opposition to gravity. To strengthen the muscles is to support the spine as well. Muscles in the lower back area are crucial. What a person needs to do in order to take care of it is to engage in exercises that can strengthen the muscles which can help avoid and lessen lower back pain afterwards. The strong quadriceps or the front of thigh muscles also needed to be exercised in order to avoid back injuries when lifting heavy objects.

When you have a lower back problem, it is also important not to participate in high-impact exercises. Some of the preferable types of exercise are cycling, swimming and walking. These can prepare you to gain a healthy heart.

Stretching is also another vital exercise that is very useful to your back. People with arthritis can benefit a lot from stretching every single day, day and night. Here’s how you can strengthen your back muscles, your abdomen, and help support your spine as well:

The first thing that you need to do is lie on your back, cross your arms and lay down your head. Then next is bend your legs, and raise your knees up. Then lift one of your legs up using your hands and then hold them for about ten to fifteen seconds. Your leg must be straight when you raise it up and you must raise them at least three to four inches off the floor. After doing it, lift the other leg up and do the same. Do this for around five repetitions for each leg raise.

There are also variations that can be done with this exercise. Again, lie on your back, lay down your head, bend your knees and lift one leg up for around four to six inches off the floor. Then hold the straightened leg using your hands for around thirty seconds or more. Do this again five times for each leg. This exercise can help strengthen the back of your legs, your stomach muscles, and release the stress off the lower part of your back as well.

People with weak backs cannot still help but lift things up. That is why exercise is very important to avoid lower back pain. In order to avoid this, you need strong gluteus butt muscles and abs. Just make sure that you do not overdo the exercises. You must work gradually and slowly. Then after one or two weeks, you can already enhance your workout.

Doing these exercises is important for these can save you from acquiring lower back injuries that you can be having when you do not take care proper care of your spine. Once you have stretched your muscles, it is easier for your spine to move and even your whole body movement as well will improve. Not only will these stretching exercises can improve your lower back, but it can make you feel better as a person and provide a better and healthier life for you.

Leg Back Pain

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Getting around is the most important thing you need to do in order to get through a day. If your leg hurts all the time, then it becomes very difficult for you to function, especially when the pain that you are feeling is becoming grave.

There are a lot of reasons why people experience leg back pain. It can be due to muscle strain and stress, or very serious complications like misalignment of the spine or a sciatica condition. Once the pain becomes tedious, it is advised to try to research about the most effective solution that you can do on your own until you can no longer bear the pain and function naturally. When this worst condition happens, you need to see a medical doctor right away.

Having a back leg pain is beyond description. It usually starts in the lower back and moves through the buttocks. It then goes down to the leg and moves towards the back of the leg. It is caused by a swelling of the sciatic nerve in which the muscles around it become tensed and a continuous pressing begins on the nerve. It can also result from exertion, misalignment in the spin and hips, and by poor posture. This condition is called sciatica, one of the many kinds of back pain problems. When a person has chronic sciatica, he or she may experience lack of pain but then it can also be intolerable. This may be a sign that the person may be in for something serious like traumatic damage to the spine, hips, lower back, or even nerve damage. The first thing to do is to act on it right away. It may become serious so it is necessary to get ready to go to a medical professional or chiropractor. It can also be treated at home by drinking pain killers but it is much preferable to use natural techniques instead of relying on medication alone. The solutions coming from natural techniques can actually last for a longer period of time than those of medication.

The chronic sciatica can be caused by the misalignment of the hips and sacrum. The hips and sacrum tightens and inserts much pressure on the sciatic nerves which then causes pan at the back of the leg. The natural technique that can be very effective to this is the adjustment of misaligned bones. Another is undergoing sciatica exercises which are very simple to learn. It involves stretching exercises that can strengthen the bones and even give fast long term relief.

You can learn how to do the treatment yourself. This is will be easier and more convenient for you. You can easily learn the self-adjustment of sacrum and hips by learning the Adjusting Technique which will help you on how to do it properly. By following the techniques, you can adjust your own back, hips, neck and ribs and at the same time avoid the frightening and strong adjustments that most people want to avoid.

February 28, 2010

How to Detox Your Body

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Living a healthy lifestyle free from any kind of diseases and problems, is what everyone dreams about. Surprisingly, tools have been discovered to convert these dreams into realities, to some extent at least.

Illnesses and human anatomy mishaps like osteoarthritis, diabetes, tumors and even cancers have been known to have their roots in the various toxins that inhabit the human body and its systems. These illnesses have fatal consequences sometimes and hence should definitely not be overlooked. The symptoms and signs should immediately be taken into consideration and respective treatments should be initialized as soon as possible.

It’s a saying that holds true and has been doing so for ages now,’ Prevention is better than cure‘ the initial stages of any mishap are not very severe and can be dealt with very easily. Detoxification is what we talk about here. Maneuvering your eating habits and dietary lifestyle in such a way that the toxins are not even given a chance to find a place for themselves in the human system and enhancing this lifestyle by squeezing in exercise regimens in your daily routine-all this and much more is what detoxifying your body all is about.

Specifically detox is a program that is planned and continued for a stipulated span of time suiting your body needs and the level up to which your body needs to be detoxified. These levels can be decided taken into account the medications that you are currently following, and what your doctor or nutritionists prescribe.

The process begins with a day of fasting.i.e. For a whole 24 hours. These 24 hours should be such that you are not required to work a lot, activities can be carried out at an easy pace, and your mental state is that of a calm and serene one. Fasting might pose a problem if you are not allowed to retain your strength by giving your daily routine high frequency activities a miss.

The detox program can be broken up into smaller finer modules. In the first module, that is,at the beginning of the program, the day commences and terminates with a glass of lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This helps in cleansing the liver, kidney and the digestive tract. Throughout the day water needs to be consumed at regular intervals in proportionate amounts so that your body doesn’t dehydrate and become devoid of moisture.

Following this, you can inject raw foods fruits and vegetables in your next module. These help immensely in improving your immune system, flushing the toxins from your body and improving the elemental constitution of the body for a better performance.

Care is to be taken that the fruits and vegetables should be highly organic, freshly picked, uncooked (or if at all you like them cooked, steamed or boiled vegetables are a better option) so that you don’t get bored you can add a variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Adding herbs would definitely produce more results.

The results will be there for you to see when you start feeling good on the insides. The headaches and pains and irritations will gradually but surely disappear leaving a healthy new you.

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